AR/VR Projects

I'm a digital media artist who's passionate about augmented and virtual reality and the possibilities these technologies unlock. I'm an outside-of-the-box thinker; always looking for the next problem to solve with AR/VR. I believe we are just scratching the surface of what can be achieved with these tools. The following are some projects that I've worked on that illustrate my forward-thinking-approach to the AR/VR user experience.

The Ultimate Guide to VR With Unity
A comprehensive introduction to the world of VR development.
Matthew Brandt – Monet Drip (AR Fluid Simulation)
An augmented reality piece of art. Using Matthew Brandt's work as a base, I added an augmented reality oil simulation to the canvas.
Unity, Blender, Obi Fluid
Rat Parade - AR
An augmented reality rock show experience- now available on the Apple App Store.
Technologies Used: Unity, ARFoundation, C#, After Effects, Blender
Dish Pit Simulator
A exhilarating recreation of what it's like to wash dishes in an industrial setting.
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, Blender, Logic, Shader Graph, Hurricane VR
IoT/AR Fridge - Prototype
A connected fridge that overlays sensor data collected with an Arduino onto the fridge itself using Apple's ARKit.
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, Arduino, ARKit, Object Recognition
DJ VR Experience
An exciting virtual DJ installation where you control the songs and the crowd
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, After Effects, Blender
AR Mirror Event Installation
A unique AR marketing experience where the user sees themselves as a company's mascot character through a virtual mirror.
Technologies Used: Unity, Microsoft Kinect, Blender
Blood Test Machines - VR Training
A VR Medical Training Experience
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, Windows Mixed Reality, Meta 2,
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