Although I tend to be a technical person, creativity in digital media is a core part of me. I'm a graduate of the Sheridan Media Arts program, at which I specialized in Editing and Visual Effects. In 2015, I was given the Exceptional Editing in Student Film award by the Canadian Cinema Editors for my work on our thesis project. I love to shoot and edit video, and find myself always working on video projects whether it's for work or for personal projects.

I edited this video for the Town of Oakville. I believe it demonstrates my ability to create a tight, functional edit that prioritizes communicating the story above all else. I also did some of the cinematography- in particular, the shots of the Ford CEO, as well as the drone footage. Shot on Blackmagic Cinema Camera, edited in Adobe Premiere.

This video is a part of my live music video series called 333underground- my love letter to local music. I have documented many live shows, and I always strive to create an end result that captures the band as best as I can. This often includes coordinating with multiple camera operators, sound recordists, and sound mixers. I'm always operating a camera myself, and I edit these videos as well. My goal for this project is to uplift my local music scene by giving the bands free exposure. 

This is a teaser for a short documentary film I edited about the psychology of mosh pits. For my work on this film, I was given the Student Merit Award at the 2015 Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) Awards; an honour only given out to one Canadian student per year. Shot on RED, edited in Adobe Premiere, graded in Adobe After Effects.

This is a video I created to promote a software product called Cinema Mo Cap. I created the video myself, from the concept to cinematography, to the editing and VFX. I'm proud of how it demonstrates the product in an easy to understand and exciting way. Shot on Blackmagic, title animation created with Blender.

Here is a music video I made for my band Rat Parade. I edited it and created the visual effects, which included the dancing cats as well as adding their 3rd eye. Shot on Blackmagic, edited in Adobe Premiere, VFX done in After Effects.

This is a CGI video I created for a client. Motion graphics and compositing done in After Effects, 3D animation/rendering in Blender, edited in Premiere.

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