Game Dev Instruction

Since 2021, I have had the opportunity to offer instruction to people who are learning how to make applications with game engines. I have taught and assisted in the development of multiple courses centered around AR/VR, for organizations such as Circuit Stream and GameDevHQ. Here are some short videos that I have made as part of those courses.

The VR Pentathon is part of the "Ultimate Guide to VR with Unity", which is a course I created for GameDevHQ. The course is an approachable and comprehensive guide to creating virtual reality applications using Unity and a Meta Quest 2. The course was released on Udemy and quickly became a best seller on that platform. It has also been included as part of GameDevHQ's Professional Unity Game Developer Program.

For someone who's just starting out with VR, it can be difficult to get up and running with the Quest 2. In this video I made for Circuit Stream, I clearly explain how to setup XR Plugin Management and XR Interaction Toolkit, switch the platform to Android, enable developer mode, and install the .apk to the Quest 2.

In this video made for Circuit Stream, I breakdown the different steps that are required to get an app published on the Oculus App Store.

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