Game Dev Projects

I've been making cool things in game engines since 2014. Whether I'm making a game, VR training experience, or AR application- I'm always looking for ways to expand my skillset. I have extensive experience with many of the different tools Unity and Unreal provide, as well as many third party extensions.

Tony Hawk's Underground: Remastered
A remake of one of my old favourite games in Unreal Engine.
Technologies Used: Unreal, Blender, After Effects
A game where you're the driver of a very edgy truck.
Technologies Used: Unreal Engine 5, Blender
Dish Pit Simulator
A exhilarating recreation of what it's like to wash dishes in an industrial setting.
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, Blender, Logic, Shader Graph, Hurricane VR
Warthog Launch: Anniversary Edition
Technologies used: Unity, Blender, Shader Graph
Alien Defender (VFX Showcase)
A tower defense game with cool visual effects.
Technologies Used: Unity, Shader Graph, VFX Graph, Blender
Beach Chickens
A side scrolling endless flapper
Contributions: Game Design, Technical Art, Sound Design, Programming
Replicator is a robust suite of duplication tools that allow you to intelligently place many GameObjects with just a few clicks.
Contributions: Tool Design, Tool Development, Marketing
DJ VR Experience
An exciting virtual DJ installation where you control the songs and the crowd
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, After Effects, Blender
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