During my time at Cinema Suite, I was asked to create a free companion product our flagship Cinema Director, a timeline editing tool. Cinema Themes is what I came up with. 
Cinema Themes is a collection of LUTs (Look-up Textures) that can be automatically applied to your camera using an included EditorWindow. These LUTs can instantly change the mood of a given scene.
I was in charge of designing and naming all 50+ LUTs based on what I noticed was popular in films and games at the time. Some are more tasteful, and some are more flashy and fun.
The product was well received and maintains a 5 star rating on the Unity Asset Store to this day, with over 200 ratings.
The launch of this free product lead to a noticeable increase in sales of Cinema Director. It being a successful free product put our brand in front of a lot of people.

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